Through a philosophy of life and a structured game model, we interpret football being brave, purposeful and working as a team. We will make the children of our club live this sport, feeling that they are part of a group that depends on them and vice versa, contributing in all phases of the game and acquiring all the tactical knowledge necessary for a good performance both individual and collective on the court.

Likewise, they will experience and identify what their physical, psychomotor and cognitive virtues are so that through them they contribute to the team enjoying each moment.At Eco FC we believe that personal behavior in daily life transcendentally determines the way we play (I express myself as I am through play), which is why socio / emotional training in values ​​such as discipline, solidarity, responsibility and tolerance play an important role in our methodology, as we not only train players, but also human beings aware of their role in society.

“No player is as good as all together” Alfredo Di Stéfano.

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