Our Club

We have a clear and defined philosophy of play that generates spectacle in each match against any rival, understanding football as a joint sport both in the offensive and defensive aspect, with a colorful and intense game, generating an impact on the people who watch us play, making “ECO” through football lovers.


 We want Eco FC to become an element of social cohesion for the city, representing it nationally and internationally calling the community in the stadium and different regional scenarios showing the best of themselves as people, work capacity and talent. Also, have the pride that in the future one of our players is part of the national team or is a representative of our label in international clubs.


 Eco FC goal is to encourage, disseminate and develop the practice of football in the city of Guadalajara de Buga, train its athletes for Colombian and international professional football, using it as a pedagogical tool for their ​​lives, promoting meaningful social values.

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